Forged from 30 years experience in the Tropics, and named after the famed Gunshot Creek. “We call it Premier because we are confident it’s the best”

Automatic, full load Cone Brake Structure (CBS)

The US, Germany, UK, France etc. patented brake system automatically endures full load without slipping. With CBS, the greater the load on the wire rope, the greater amount of braking is generated by the mechanism. Furthermore, the braking mechanism mounted outside the drum rather than inside the drum expedites heat dispersion and also makes this winch ideal for use with synthetic rope.

Hardened steel 3-stage planetary gear train

Rugged and quiet planetary gearings for maximum mechanical efficiency.

Sealed contactor

Heavy duty sealed contactor ensures sound waterproof protection

Extreme durable motor

Heavy duty series wound motor delivers superior torque output and faster line speed.

Maximum driveline efficiency

Motor armature and driveshaft supported by five sealed roller bearings which reduces friction and ensures maximum motor output.


Additional information

Weight40 kg
Dimensions40 × 22 × 62 cm