Not all bullbars and trays are made equal



TUFF alloy bullbars have performed as well as steel bars in independent impact test thanks to the heavy-duty materials and construction used (Determining the efficacy of different types of bullbars fitted to different types of light vehicles NSW Centre for Road Safety 2017). Alloy bullbars are recommended for some vehicles such as the Landcruiser 200 Series due to the material’s weight-saving properties. Alloy’s main advantage is it is lighter than other materials such as steel. TUFF offers bullbars, siderails and trays in alloy. TUFF canopies are generally made in alloy to save weight. TUFF bullbars and rails are offered in powder coated, painted and polished finishes. TUFF trays are also produced in raw alloy finish.

The specifications for our Alloy bullbars are below:

  • 203mm channel 10mm thick
  • 178mm channel 8mm thick
  • 127mm channel 5.5mm thick
  • 60 alloy tube 4mm thick
  • 48 alloy tube 4.47mm thick
  • All alloy is t4 grade material.


Steel is the material of choice for many TUFF clients and our quality Australian steel and heavy-duty construction give clients the confidence to go anywhere at any time knowing they have the best vehicle protection available.

Steel is preferred by some clients for its strength and robust nature and it can be relatively easy to repair. Steel is still the most popular material for our TUFF trays and slightly less than half of our bullbars and rails are made from steel. Our standard finishing process for steel bullbars, rails and trays involves abrasive blasting followed by our specially formulated high zinc primer powder coat to help rust prevention. The primer coat is followed by a top coat in ripple black or antique silver for bullbars and typically a white variant for trays. Other powder coating colours are available along with two pack automotive finishes. All our powder coating and painting is undertaken by our sister company TUFF Coatings.

The specifications for our Steel bullbars are below:

  • All channel is 3mm thick
  • Our 60mm or 50mm tube is 4mm thick
  • All steel is 350-grade high strength structural material with a nominal yield strength of 350 MPa.

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Essential - Rate them very highly for protection and safety.

TUFF Bullbars are essential for me given the amount of time on the road I spend as a rural bank manager. I have had TUFF bullbars for a number of years and rate them very highly for protection and safety. The new bar and rails on my latest Prado look fantastic, thanks to all the team at TUFF

TUFF Bullbars are built to comply with any manufacturers safety systems being deployed.

TUFF Bullbars meet the Australian Standard Guidelines and relevant Australian Design Rules (ADR’s).

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