Tuff bar saved my daughter!

My daughter was very lucky and greatful for that TUFF bar, without - it would have been a fatality. The emergency services were very impressed, my daughter was actually 5 days pregnant and didn’t know at the time. There was a Ute turning into a driveway travelling southbound in front of truck and dog trailer. The driver did not see the ute turning and slammed his brakes on and lost control and crossed into my daughters lane ( she was travelling northbound ) less than km from her work. She’s seen him coming for her so veered a little to the right trying to miss this oncoming truck. She quickly realised he had a dog trailer and there was nowhere else to go. That dog trailer hit her @ approximately 100 kph. and threw the whole vehicle backwards smashing the back windscreen.

Mishap with a tree

I had a mishap with a tree while driving my Toyota Hilux and came out with only a few scratches and bruises. The TUFF 4x4 “bar 100% saved his life” and he will definitely be getting another TUFF bullbar on his next vehicle.

Rate them very highly

TUFF Bullbars are essential for me given the amount of time on the road I spend as a rural bank manager.
I have had TUFF bullbars for a number of years and rate them very highly for protection and safety. The new bar and rails on my latest Prado look fantastic, thanks to all the team at TUFF

Protection on the roads

Great supplier and it took a lot less time than expected. Had bullbar fitted to VW Crafter and feel a lot more secure now.

Thank you Tuff!

This business is truly professional and goes well over and above the call of duty when it comes to making clients feel ‘at home’. Thank you Tuff!

Great Range | Tuffest Bullbars

Great range of the tuffest Bullbars available!! Friendly knowledgable staff

Great Service | Great Quality For Money

Have bought from Tuff multiple times now. Always offer great service and get great quality for money

6ft Red Roo

Tuff bar looks great and sits well on the ute , It was tested on way home by a 6ft red roo at 105kph, it hit hard but the bar push it sideways away from the underneath of ute only leaving fur on bar where old bar would have let it go under. Great work guys and gals.

Saved my life hitting a vehicle at 110km/h

2.5 year old bar 2 vehicles travelled 416000 km’s hit over 100 roo’s and saved my life hitting a vehicle at 110km/h .... tuff to say the least ?``

Will not hinder the normal operation from any of manufacturers safety systems being deployed.

TUFF Bullbars comply with the Australian Standard Guidelines and relevant Australian Design Rules (ADR’s).

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