When you’re after tough and heavy-duty tray bodies designed for Australian conditions, you can depend on the TUFF Brand.

TUFF Ute Trays roll-out trays for single cab, dual cab and extra cab options for popular makes and models such as Toyota Hilux, 70, 100 and 200 Series +and many more, Ford Ranger, Holden Colorado, RAM 1500, 2500 and 3500 models, Isuzu Dmax and VW Amarok, to name a few.

Tuff Ute Trays are made by Tuff Australia. TUFF Ute Trays are proudly owned and Australian made. Exceptional quality at a fair price, the TUFF Ute Tray combines strength, quality and value for money. Built to the same exacting standards that have made the TUFF bullbar a legend in the Australian bush.



Our sales team are here to help you with any questions you may have about purchasing and building a ute tray for your vehicle. We are committed to ensuring that your build meets the criteria that you require from our TUFF ute tray range. Lead times vary and are currently approx between 4-6 weeks. Please feel free to call the team on 1300 BE TUFF (1300 238 833) for updates on lead times.

We pride ourselves on quality construction backing our philosophy that our products set the tone for the highest quality ute tray and canopies on the market. We stand by our high-quality, value for money point of difference and proven expertise providing solutions for the toughest conditions. The TUFF Ute Tray as a standard package comes with features such as stainless-steel capping on the headboard and drop-sides, heavy-duty rattle proof latches, the original TUFF accessible front side steps.

Steel UTE Trays by Tuff Australia


TUFF Steel Ute Trays provide market-leading strength, quality and value for money. TUFF Steel Ute Trays are built to the same high-quality standards as the legendary TUFF Bullbars to provide reliable operation for many years.


TUFF Aluminium Ute Trays are constructed from high-grade Aluminium and are fully welded ensuring optimal strength and durability. TUFF’s fully welded alloy tray is ideal for anybody looking for the functionality of a steel tray but the weight saving of aluminium.


TUFF Fleet Trays offer excellent quality for commercial organisations and trades that need a tough and durable ute tray.

TUFF Fleet trays are built to the same TUFF standards as our other lines, just with a new design to streamline costs.


TUFF Outback Ute Canopies are made with high-grade aluminium, doors are fitted with quality, water-resistant seals and premium hardware t-locks on each door.

TUFF ute canopies are constructed from high-quality aluminium, joins and surface-prepared for Australian working and weather conditions


Optional features such as gooseneck kingpins (steel tray), canopies, water and diesel tanks, bike ramps, LED lights, slide-out drawers and functional storage configurations. There is nothing better on the market that are designed TUFF to meet the functionality required for work, commercial and fleet builds.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ute Trays

Are all ute trays the same size?

Ute trays are not all the same size. TUFF Australia manufactures ute trays to suit single cabs, extra cabs and dual cabs for a variety of vehicle makes and models. 

What is the standard ute tray size?

When it comes to TUFF Outback & Fleet Ute Trays, there is no typical or standard size. Each quality 4WD ute tray is made specifically for the make and model of your vehicle.  There are quality ute tray options as well, depending on what you need. For example, a standard 4WD utility is a Toyota Hilux, Toyota 70 Series, Ford Ranger, Nissan Navara, Mazda BT50, Isuzu D-Max, VW Amarok or Holden Colorado plus many more. The TUFF Dual Cab tray dimensions are1865mm (L) O.D x 1950mm (W) O.D, or the Single Cab tray dimensions are 2465mm (L) x 1950mm (W) O.D and an Extra Cab tray dimensions are 2065mm (L) O.D x 1950mm (W) O.D. There are also TUFF options for big truck vehicles such as Dodge Ram, Ford F-Trucks and GM Chevy Silverado etc – these big truck tray dimensions are obviously larger and vary in size as well.  TUFF ute trays are available in steel or alloy and can be optioned to suit the owner’s particular requirements with toolboxes, water tanks, beacons, work lights, rear racks, headboard mesh, slide-out drawers, diesel fuel tanks, bike ramps, tie-down points and canopies – the list of personalisation options for your rig just goes on. In addition to ute trays, TUFF Australia also offer a quality range of 4WD accessories for your specific needs, these include suspension upgrades, spotlights, light bars, work lights, winches, UHF radios and antennas, there are just so many options to get your unique fit and style.

How much do ute trays cost?

Ute trays made by TUFF Australia are manufactured in Toowoomba, Queensland. Prices for ute trays start from $4312 for TUFF fleet trays or $4396 for TUFF outback trays.

How do I choose a ute tray?

Choosing a ute tray comes down to your personal requirements and the purpose of your ute tray. For example, if you are a tradesman and need your ute tray for work, you might choose different options than someone who needs a ute tray for their weekend adventures. The TUFF sales team can help you choose the best type of tray for your circumstances. 

What is the best material for a ute tray?

When considering the best material for a ute tray, it’s important to consider your needs and how the ute tray will be used. A steel ute tray is considered to be a more heavy-duty tray compared to an aluminium ute tray.  If you live by the ocean it is best to go with the alloy ute tray option to avoid rust.

Is a steel or aluminium tray better?

When considering whether to choose a steel or aluminium ute tray, it really comes down to the purpose of your tray. All TUFF ute tray options are heavy-duty and fully welded trays.  Aluminium is a lighter option whereas steel is lower cost.

How much does a ute tray weigh?

The weight of a ute tray is dependent upon the material your tray is made from. Steel ute trays weigh approximately 300kg and aluminium ute trays weigh approximately 150kg. The weight of your tray will affect the payload or GVM (gross vehicle mass), that your vehicle can carry – the more your tray weighs the less you can load in your tray. This is because the vehicle is only rated to a certain weight (GVM) which includes the total amount a vehicle can carry altogether.

The GVM needs to include passengers, fuel, the ute tray and any tools or equipment loaded in the ute.

What are the benefits of ute trays?

There are many benefits to having a tray on your ute. Ute trays offer more capacity than tubs, they provide storage, versatility, and room for tools and equipment.  Ute trays are suitable for tradesmen, and can also be fitted with toolboxes to provide extra storage and protection for tools. Or if you’re an adventurer, camper or 4×4 enthusiast you can also attach dog boxes to take your furry friends with you safely. 

Aluminium Ute Trays: Lightweight Yet Extremely Strong

TUFF Aluminium Ute Trays are constructed from high-grade Aluminium and are fully welded ensuring optimal strength and durability. TUFF’s fully welded alloy ute tray is ideal for anybody looking for the functionality of a steel tray but the weight-saving of aluminium.

Steel Ute Trays: Outstanding Durability and Performance

If you need a tray that will last for the lifetime of your vehicle and beyond, our steel ute trays are your obvious choice. You simply won’t find a tray to match them in terms of durability, strength and performance. We recommend these trays for demanding applications in all environments.

Fleet Trays for Commercial Vehicles

If you wish to order a large quantity of trays for a commercial fleet, our economically designed fleet trays are exactly what you need. Built to the same exacting standards as the rest of our range, employing a more cost-effective design enabling us to offer larger organisations an inexpensive upgrade for their utes.

TUFF Canopies for Alloy, Aluminium and Steel Ute Trays

If you are planning to haul cargo over long distances on a regular basis, or even just across town in bad weather, a TUFF aluminium canopy will prove to be indispensible. We make canopies to fit all of our steel, and alloy ute trays so whatever type of vehicle and tray you have, we can supply you with a canopy that is perfect for your needs.

Whether you order a single cab, dual cab, wide cab or extra caballoy tray, an aluminium canopy or a fleet trades tray, you can customise it to meet your requirements with a range of options. Call and let us know what you need today.


Nationally recognised, well-respected brand in the aftermarket accessory industry. 

TUFF Australia started making steel ute trays in 2017 due to growing customer demand for a high-quality, Australian-made ute tray. With ute trays continuing to grow in popularity, TUFF soon began making alloy ute trays in 2019 for customers who were looking for a tray that was lighter in weight compared to steel, but still strong and durable to meet customer needs and in line with TUFF Australia’s value of building tough, durable products made for Australian conditions.

As customer demand grew, we then started manufacturing dog and fridge boxes as well as canopies which can be tailored to your individual needs and custom dimensions.

In 2020 Toowoomba Regional Council in Queensland chose TUFF to build specialist truck bodies for nine Iveco Daily 4×4 trucks. The Ivecos were upgraded to meet the needs of the council parks and recreation and pest control teams for travel in rough country. The Ivecos all sported TUFF bullbars and trays along with specially designed access ladders, tool cabinets and water tanks. The fit-out included winches, compressors, battery boxes and specially designed tow points. From this early move into trucks, TUFF has made several truck bodies up to 8 metres in length. TUFF has also supplied trays and bullbars to a range of local councils, Avis and Hertz for their hire fleets and the Australian Federal Police. TUFF has in-house powder coating and wet spray facilities through TUFF Coatings, so clients can choose from a range of finishes. TUFF ute trays are recognised for their durability and quality of finish and are sold throughout Australia at TUFF stores and dealers.

TUFF ute trays are available for a wide range of utility vehicles including many popular makes and models.

If you are looking for the highest quality steel or aluminium ute trays in Australia, you have arrived at your destination. Our range of ute trays are made from top-quality materials using precise specifications in our purpose-built manufacturing facility, making them the best choice for both private and commercial drivers who want to outfit their ute with a tray that is not going to let them down.

TUFF ute trays provide excellent quality and value for money, while still delivering on great style and performance.

Australian-made ute trays from a team who prides themselves on expertise and local support.


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